Components are the things you build in your factories to produce and sell Resources and to produce Research Points.

List of Components

IronOreBuyerIcon IronFoundryIcon IronSellerIcon CoalBuyerIcon SteelFoundryIcon SteelSellerIcon

OilBuyerIcon GasBuyerIcon PlasticMakerIcon PlasticSellerIcon SiliconBuyerIcon ElectronicsMakerIcon ElectronicsSellerIcon

ExplosivesBuyerIcon BulletMakerIcon GunMakerIcon GunSellerIcon

SiliconBuyerIcon EngineMakerIcon EngineSellerIcon

TankHullMakerIcon TankTurretMakerIcon TankAssemblyIcon TankSellerIcon DieselRefineryIcon

JetFuelRefineryIcon RocketHullMakerIcon WarheadMakerIcon RocketAssemblyIcon

MetalsLabIcon GasOilLabIcon AnalyticsCenterIcon

ResearchCenterIcon ResearchCenter2Icon ResearchCenter3Icon

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