Name IronFoundryIcon Iron Foundry
Research Required None
Price $150
Running Cost $0
Size 4 x 2



Producing Iron Iron x1
Using IronOre Iron Ore x2


UpgradeProducerIcon Cost Bonus Relative
1 $800 Iron Iron x2

IronOre Iron Ore x4

2 $80,000 Iron Iron x4

IronOre Iron Ore x8

3 $800,000 Iron Iron x6

IronOre Iron Ore x12

4 $7 billion Iron Iron x12

IronOre Iron Ore x24

5 $200 billion Iron Iron x18

IronOre Iron Ore x36

6 $60 trillion Iron Iron x24

IronOre Iron Ore x48

7 $600 trillion Iron Iron x48

IronOre Iron Ore x96

8 $2 quadrillion Maxed Iron Iron x96

IronOre Iron Ore x192


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