Research is a main feature in Factory Idle. By doing research, you can unlock new components to earn more money, or even some special upgrades to make things easier. You need to use Research Points to research, except the first one which allow you to gain Research Point. To get the Research Center, you need to unlock the achievement called; Making Profit, where you need to get an income greater than $1.40 / tick.

List of Research

Research Center

Allows researching more technologies.

Cost $900, $4/ tick to be able to use it.
Unlock ResearchCenterIcon Research Center

> Chronometer
> Steel Components


Each level gives +1 tick/sec.

Level Cost (in RP)
1 50
2 2,500
3 125,000
4 6.25 million
5 312.5 million
6 15.63 billion
7 781.25 billion
8 39.06 trillion
9 1.95 quadrillion
10 97.66 quadrillion

Steel Components

Allows steel production.

Cost 200 RP
Unlock CoalBuyerIcon Coal Buyer
SteelFoundryIcon Steel Foundry
SteelSellerIcon Steel Seller

> Metals Lab
> Plastic Components

Metals Lab

Allows researching metals.

Cost 2000 RP
Unlock MetalsLabIcon Metals Lab

GarbageIron Garbage

Plastic Components

Allows plastic production.

Cost 160,000 RP
Unlock OilBuyerIcon Oil Buyer

GasBuyerIcon Gas Buyer
PlasticMakerIcon Plastic maker
PlasticSellerIcon Plastic Seller

> Sorter
> Electronics Components
> Gas&Oil lab


Sorts resources on lines to different paths.

Cost 120,000 RP
Unlock Sorter1Icon Sorter

Sorter2Icon Sorter

Electronics components

Allows electronics production.

Cost 20 million RP
Unlock > Clean plastic production

> Gun components

Clean plastic production

Plastic production will not produce waste

Cost 15 Million RP

Gun components

Allows guns production

Cost 150 Million RP
Unlock > Engine components

Tanks components

Allows tank production

Cost 70 Billion RP
Unlock > Diesel Refinery

Quality center

Provides higher quality research.

Cost 2 trillion RP

Clean engines

Engine makers production will not produce waste.

Cost 1 trillion RP

Drone components

Allows producing drones.

Cost 99 trillion RP