Ratio: Amnount of Sellers x Tanks sold per Seller.

Factory Ratio Build Upgrades Income@Max Creator Misc
A9 2x4 Build Upgrades $429.4m /u/prayformerci Lower right Diesel in Upgrades' layout clogs from "clear tracks"
A9 2x4 Build Upgrades $429.4m /u/Luigirox901
A9 2x4 Build Upgrades $429.4m Vidin453
A9 3x4 Build Upgrades $644.1m /u/slangivar
B5 1x4 Build Upgrades $214.2m /u/bbqturtle + 1xRC3@100%
C4 2x4 Build Upgrades $429.4m /u/prayformerci ! Explosive 3
C4 3x4 Build Upgrades $644.1m /u/slangivar only lvl 4 gas needed
C4 4x4 Build Upgrades $856.04m Vetteman06 Same upgrades as my D0
D0 2x4 Build Upgrades $427.14m /u/Chezzik Only connect the oil to diesel after you have made some tanks
D0 3x4 Build Upgrades $644.1m /u/CriticalHippo13 ! Explosive 3
D0 4x4 Build Upgrades $857.42m Vetteman06 Low Cost Upgrades
D0 4x4 Build All $857.42m/tick /u/Zvon2000 Perfect Horizontal Symmetry

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