Factory Ratio Build Upgrades Income@Max Creator Misc
A9 2x4 Build
Screen Shot 2017-05-15 at 18.11.19
2@100% /u/Pigjr101 Explosives@ 2
A9 2x4 Build Upgrades 2@100% /u/Killcreek2 Explosives@ 2
A9 5x1 Build Upgrades $116.43m /u/Lormden Explosives@ 3
A9 6x1 Build 6@100% /u/Rippsy
A9 6x1 Build Upgrades 6@100% /u/Agrona Explosives@ 2 Guns@ 2
A9 2.5x4 Build Upgrades 2@100%, 1@50% Boozledorf Explosives@2 Guns @2, Sorter: 0:0: Steel, 0:1: Steel, 0:2: Explosives
B5 1x4
B5 tank
B5 tank upgrades
1@100% schmettermeister
C1 ?
Screen Shot 2017-05-15 at 11.32.45
Screen Shot 2017-05-15 at 09.36.55
3@100% Rongo66 Explosives@ 2

Based upon azginger 's design

C1 3x1 Build Upgrades 3@100% /u/azginger Explosives@ 3
C1 1x4 Build Upgrades 1@100% verkli 1x4 tank + 2x2 engine
C5 3X4 Build Upgrades 3@100% /u/megalordmegazord Explosives@ 2

Tank seller@ 1

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